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MSE Industries Sdn Bhd
MSE Industries Sdn Bhd
MSE Industries Sdn Bhd
MSE Industries Sdn Bhd
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Remote Control Laser Welding Machine

Remote Control Laser Welding Machine

Remote Control Laser Welding Machine is particularly designed and produced according to the development of electronics manufacturing industry, which can be applied to the welding device for various digital and electronic products. Characterized by all in one design, integrated system and high suitable for any kind of material's shell. The working table is with PC or PLC computer controlled which able to conduct high precision laser welding along random welding point, line, circle and square surface locus and simple spatial geometrical locus. Therefore, this laser welding maine can also be applied to biaxial, triaxial and four axis linkage welding as well as sealing welding and butt welding Advantages: High average power, high frequency and high processing speed Touch scereen multi axis motion controller, flexible and easy to set Suitable for point and sealing welding of aluminium or steel shell of all sizes Stable power for long term usage Intelligent automation, excellent welding quality Mioperation and over temperature protection System Application: Suitable for electronics industries, mobile battery, MP3 devices casing, fiber optic connector, mobile phone, motor and high voltageequipment, Hardware industry, bath room utensils, dining tools & accessories used at home, Automotive industry, part and accessories mould and medical industry, medical instruments, dentistry application System Specification:   read more
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About Us

Offering superior laser welding, thermal spray products and services across industries and country wide, MSE is becoming synonymous with laser welding applications, thermal spray engineering to other prominent players in Malaysia. COMPANY BACKGROUND   Incorporated in 2002, MSE Industries Sdn Bhd (frequently shortened as MSE) is an emerging and dynamic company operating its business extensively throughout the country, offering reliable and sustainable laser welding, thermal spray products and solutions for critical welding maintenance and integration application. Headquartered in Bandar Pinggiran Subang, Known familiar as Subang 2 in Selangor Darul Ehsan, MSE identifies and satisfies customers¡¯ ever-changing needs in laser welding and thermal spray applications through its extensive workshop facilities nationwide include the mechanical repair, maintenance, design, fabrication as well as modification of engineering works. From a humble beginning, MSE has expanded its local and overseas footprint gradually through its robust subsidiary companies. At MSE, we pride ourselves on being a dynamic group of companies with subsidiaries namely MSE Lasertech (M) Sdn Bhd, overseeing business, workshop operations and overseas partnership business in Indonesia and India correspondingly. ADDING VALUES THROUGH INNOVATIVE LASER WELDING & METAL SPRAY COATING SOLUTIONS With a decade-long hands-on experience in all aspects of the laser welding and thermal spray coatings industry, MSE has been greatly committed in providing its comprehensive consultancy and supply service to a diverse industry sectors include the engineering, plastic injection moulding, aluminium die casting, Oil & Gas, petrochemical, power generation aviation and many more. Working closely with some reputable organizations and partners in Malaysia, MSE is capable to provide a comprehensive range of laser welding and thermal spray systems and services including HVOF spray, PLASMA spray, ARC spray and equipment, laser and TIG consumables, fuse, powder, laser components and spare parts etc. to the Malaysia¡¯s thermal spray industry. In brief, our range of systems and services covers the following:- MSE Metal Thermal Spray Solutions (include HVOF spray, PLASMA spray, ARC spray, spray and fuse, powder, wire etc.) MSE Laser Marking and Engraving Solutions (applicable to aluminium, steel, plastic, copper, ceramic etc.) MSE Laser Welding Solutions (200 watt to 400 watt source, special attachment, Jigs fixture equipment) As the one-stop industrial laser sales and services hub in Malaysia, MSE also provides and supplies an extensive laser welding products and welding services to fulfill the local mould and die industry, including: Laser welding machine Laser jigs and fixture Laser welding accessories Laser welding special material/consumables Laser welding development Laser welding technique and theory training WHAT IS THERMAL SPRAY COATING SOLUTION Thermal spray coating is a coating process that thermally adds a functional surface to protect and also improve an engineering component in terms of its performance. In general, there are almost all types of material can be thermally sprayed with coatings. Therefore, thermal spray coatings are widely used to provide protection from corrosion, wear, heat and a variety of other applications. read more
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Flexi Mark Fiber Laser Marking

Flexi Mark Fiber Laser Marking

MSE's Fiber Laser System is using most advanced Fiber Laser Source to achieve the high quality Laser Beam & zero energy loss Laser transmission. Advantages: Easy To Operate Maintenance Free Integrated System & Compact In Size Full Flexibilities Flying Mark Able To Mark Majority Of Material No Burning Mark On Working Area Training Course Available System Application: The application scope is a broad particularly suitable for the label/logo creation of the metal tools, tool kitchen utensil, plastic product, computer key board, metal jewellery, button,integrated circuit, packaging, bottle, eyewear frame,sanitary fitting leading product and etc. System Specification: Model 20CC 30CC 50CC Charateristic Value (S) Laser Power 20W 30W 50W Laser Wavelength 1064nm Repetition Frequency 20KHz to 100KHz Repetition Accuracy ¡À0.002mm Marking Area (Standard) 100mmX100mm Marking Area (Optional) 100mmx100mm / 200mmx200mm / 300mmx300mm Marking Depth < 3.00mm Linear Speed <12,000mm/s Minimum Line Width 0.002mm Minimum Character Size 0.1mm Power Consumed <350W Electrical Source 220V¡À10% / 50Hz / 5A Laser Source MAX, China Resonance Chamber BRT Laser,China Suitable Material Metalized Material--Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Copper, Aluminium Non Metalized Material--Rubber, Plastic, PU, PVC, Glass, Paper Weight (KG) 100kg Cooling System Air Forced Cooling Control Link USB Interface Interface Method CPU, Keyboard, Mouse, Software Based Control Usage Environment Clean, No Shaking Temperature Below 40¡ãC, Humidity Below 80% read more
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Machine Maintenance & Repair Service

Categories : Machine Maintenance We provide Machine Maintenance For Our Brand Machine, And Our Branded Machine. Type Of Machine Availability:- -           Laser Welding Machine -           Laser Marking & Engraving Machine -           TIG Welding Machine -           Plasma Welding Machine -           Thermal Spray Machine -              Other (Need To Confirm Machine Type, Make, & Part Availibity) read more
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