MSE Hand Held Fiber Laser Welding Machine


MSE Hand Held Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Why Hand Held Laser?:
  • Light In Weight
  • Easy To Operate
  • Laser Welding Parameters Saving Memory Slot
  • Easy Mobile To Any Place For Welding
  • Selection With Difference Shape Of Laser Beam

Product Introduction:
MSE Hand Held Fiber Laser Welding Machine Was Using Continous Wave Laser emits laser by the fiber source, To ensure it have high stability Laser Beam that non-stop penetrate the workpiece surface. It has the advantages of good beam quality, uniform and smallspot size, easy to install and move, etc. The fiber transmission can effectively suppress the focal motion of the focused beam caused by the beam mode changes that cause by the thermal lens effect of the laser source, improve the quality and stability of welding. All-fiber infrastructure design and solid metal casing ensure that this laser system can be used in online industrial production environment and provides excellent protection against a wide range changes of shock, dust, vibration and temperature .

MSE Hand Held Fiber Laser System Technical Data:

MSE Hand Held Fiber Laser Welding Machine
Parameter Value
Laser Power 1000W 1500W / 2000W
Laser Wavelength 1080nm ±5
Repetition Frequency 20KHz
Laser Spot Size 0.6mm (Optional : Flexible Head 2.5mm)
Laser Welding Thickness 3mm
Laser Mode Single-Mode Laser
Focus Length 150mm / 200mm
Power Consumption 9.3KW (Max)
Cooling Method Integrated Water Chiller
Power Input 220V ±5% 30A 380V ±5% 45A
Working Environment Dust & Vibration Free, >40°C
Consumable Items Protective Lens, Ceramic Coupler, Copper Nozzle Tips

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