Integrated Laser Welding Machine


Integrated Laser Welding Machine

Integrated Laser Welding Machine is suitable for complementary welding of medium sized mould. it has been widely applied to the mould making of electronics, automotive, and medical industries. Meanwhile, it can also be used to conduct complementary welding for various moulding steels, aluminum, copper and some hardened solid materials.

  • Compact appearance; small floor space.
  • Integrateds structure; totally enclosed optical path; it can adapt to common mould production enveironment.
  • Use ceramic chamber which have longer life and high energy efficiency;
  • Support complementary welding of medium sized and small sized workpieces, and welding of small sized hardware and dental cast etc.

System Application:

Suitable for medium, small workpieces welding, commonly used for machine casing, automotive, tyre, marine, automotive accessories, roller shaft, industrial engineering maintenance repair welding. It able to weld for mould steel, stainless steel, aluminium, hardened steel, tool steel, and etc welding material.

System Specification:

MODEL ILW  – 200 ILW – 400
Average Laser Power 200W 400W
Laser Source Nd:YAG
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Laser Beam Size 0.2mm – 1.5mm 0.2mm – 2.0mm
Laser Material Size 0.2mm – 0.5mm 0.2mm – 1.0mm
Laser Pulse Width 0.5ms – 20.0ms
Maximum Pulse Energy 50J/10ms 90J/10ms
Pulse Frequency 1.0 – 20.0Hz 1.0 – 50.0Hz
Observation System 10X Microscope (Upgradable To CCD System)
Electrical Source 220V ±10% / 50Hz / 32A 380V ±10% / 50Hz / 63A
Power Consumption 6KW 12KW
Cooling Method 1HP Chiller – 1.0KW 3HP Chiller – 3.0KW
Usage Environment   Clean, No Shaking Temperature Below 40˚C, Humidity Below 80%

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