Fixed Unit Laser Welding


Fixed Unit Laser Welding

Fixed Unit Laser Welding Machine is suitable for complementary welding of medium-sizzed mould. It has been widely applied to the mould making of electronics, automotive, and medical industries. Meanwhile, it can also be used to conduct complementary welding for various moulding steels, aluminium, copper, and some hardened solid materials.

  • Separable structure; totally-enclosed optical laser path
  • Laser's main beam is 1.2 meters, and the welding radius reaches to 0.7 meters.
  • Use long lifespan of ceramic chamber unit with high energy efficiency conversion rate;
  • can weld medium -sized and small- sized hardware equipment;
  • The control system is developed by our company, based on actual material and experiences, the user can slightly program the output power wave mode in order to achieve better welding effects.
System Application:

It is suitable for complementary welding of large-, medium-, and small-sized moulds. It can help conduct precision injection, pressure casting, mould repair, welding of accessories & precision pieces, lost-wax casting repair, aluminium casting repair,and stainless steel product repair.

System Specification:

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