4-Axis Automatic Laser Welding


4-Axis Automatic Laser Welding

4 Axis Automatic Laser Welding Machine is our company higher development of hardware manufacturing industry, particularly in the design and mabufacture which applicable to all types of hardware products welding equipment. It has integrated design and system of automation. The machine can meet the welding requirement and give high efficiency. Laser Welding Machine is able to conduct high precision laser welding along random welding point, line, circle, and square surface locus and smple spatial geometrical locus by means of laser frequency, pulse width, the speed of the operating platform and the direction of movement. Therefore, this laser welding machine can also be applied for biaxial, triaxial or 4 axis linkage welding as well as sealing welding and butt welding.

  • High average power, high frequency and high processing speed;
  • Suitable for point and sealing welding of aluminium or steel shell of all sizes;
  • Stable power for long term usage;
  • Intelligent automation, excellnt welding quality;
  • Human oriented design, easy to operate;
  • Misoperation and over temperature protection;
System Application:

Electronis Industry:-
Mobile battery, MP3 devices casing, Fiber optic connector, Mobile phone, Motor and High voltage equipment.

Hardare Industry:-
Bath room utensils, Dining tools and accessories used at home and industry.

Automotive Industry:-
Part and Accessories mold.

Medical Industry:-
Medical instruments, and Dentistry application.

System Specification:

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