Semiconductor Pumped


Semiconductor Pumped

Semiconductor end pumped laser marking machine use the most advanced laser tehnology, directly from the and face of the laser crystal light of a wavelength of 0.808um. The output generated by the laser optics. So that the laser photoelectric conversion efficiency is greatly improved which can reach more than 45 percent, thus the laser source power consumption is reduced the machine has beam quality and high peak power, while consuming less power qulity and high peak power, while consuming less power and give lower cost of usage and maintenance.

  • The laser power output is low and create less marking line
  • High beam quality, stable laser output, and less defects
  • High frequency laser and high speed marking
  • stable performance, compact and low power consumption
  • Especially design for transparent surface, PC keyboards and other products
System Application:

Suitable material, suitable for majority of the matelized material, such as copper, titanium, steel, meanwhile, non metalized material also suitable as ABS, nylon, PES, PVC, Polycarbonate, and etc. Application industreis are electronic devices, precise electronic component, jewelry, hygiene product, cutting tools, watch, glassed, plastic keypas, integrated circuit, electrical devices, hardware tooling, mobile coomponent, automotive, plastic product, medical equipment, construction equipment, and etc.

System Specification:

MODEL MSP - 2 MSP - 6 MSP - 12
Laser Power 2W 6W 12W
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Repetition Frequency 12KHz 30KHz 1 – 200KHz
Marking Area (Standard) 100mm X 100mm 150mm X 150mm
Linear Speed < 10,000mm/s
Minimum Line Width 0.002mm
Minimum Character Size 0.1mm
Power Consumed 150W 200W 280W
Electrical Source 220V ±10% / 50Hz / 5A
Laser Source MAX, China
Resonance Chamber BRT Laser, China
Suitable Material Metalized Material -- Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Copper, Aluminium
Non Metalized Material -- Rubber, Plastic, PU, PVC, Glass, Paper
Cooling System Air Forced Cooling Water Cool
Control Link USB Interface
Interface Method CPU, Keyboard, Mouse, Software Based Control
Usage Environment   Clean, No Shaking Temperature Below 40˚C, Humidity Below 80%

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