Chamber Unit Laser Welding


Chamber Unit Laser Welding

Chamber Unit Laser Welding Machine also known as Spot Welding Laser Welding Machine is widely used in eyeglasses, jewelry, electronic components, medical equipment and so on. Spot weld are using laser beam radiation to melt the workpieces surface for joining process, therefore, by setting the laser pulse width, energy, current, frequency parameters to melt the workpieces, so that 2 workpieces will melt and stick together.

  • High average power; high frequency and high processing speed;
  • Adjustable output waveform has been overlapped;
  • Use ceramic chamber which have longer life and high energy efficiency;
  • Stable performance with longer life span. Degree of instability is less than 3%;
  • Double-regulation interface; support blind regulation with high work efficiency;
  • Small focal spot with strong focal energy. Excellent penetration performance will help weld on various golds, and stainless-steel materials.
System Application:

Spot welding are suitable for spec glasses, jewelry, electronic component, medical component, and etc.

System Specification:


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